Stones and Specs

Juarez Stone Inc. specializes in natural cut stone ranging from flag, retaining wall, chopped, patio, and landscaping stone.

Juarez Stone was founded in 2005 under current owner, Guillermo Juarez. Although Juarez Stone is relatively new in the quarry business, Guillermo Juarez has over twenty-seven years of experience in working in rock quarries. Guillermo’s experience begin in 1983 with working and handling machinery at other distinguished rock quarries in Central Texas. After gaining the necessary skills to operate his own, Guillermo opened Juarez Stone Inc. in 2005. Within five years of opening Juarez Stone Inc. Guillermo and his employees have gained the trust of clients across Texas and other states.

Whether you need 1 ton or 15,000 tons, Juarez Stone Inc. can handle any job size, small or large. We offer high quality stones at affordable prices and have our own trucks, allowing us to deliver the stone on time and offer the best prices in town. Our Customer satisfaction and stone quality are our number one priority.

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Stone Specifications

Flagstone (Builder’s Stone)
3″ – 5″ thick, irregular shapes, rough face – available in most colors.

Natural Patio
1″ – 3″ thick, irregular shapes.

Available in natural or saw cut, mostly used for retaining walls. sawn 4″ – 12″ in height from top to bottom and chopped 6″ – 12″ deep with random lengths.

Sawn Patio
Available in 1¼” and 2 ¼” thick Sawn on the top and bottom with a smooth face, available in white, cream, gray leuder and sandstone.

3″ – 5″ thick, rectangular in shape, random lengths, heights range from 2″ – 14″ sawn on top and bottom with a rough face, available in most colors.

Natural (Regular) Chopped
3″ – 5″ thick, rectangular in shape, random lengths, heights range from 2″ – 24″ with a rough face. Available in most colors and not sawed on the top and bottom.

Random Chopped
4″-10″ 40-45 sq ft per ton.

Flagstone(Builder’s Stone)
40-45sq ft per ton.

Sawn Chop
4″-10″ 40-45sq ft per ton.

Sandstone Regular Chopped
40-45sq ft per ton.

Sandstone Flag
40-45sq ft per ton.

40-45sq ft per ton.

Sawn Patio
1 1/4″=120-125sq ft per ton
2 1/4″=75-80sq ft per ton

Natural Patio
60-65 sq ft per ton.

4X6=30sq ft per ton
6X6=30sq ft per ton
6X8=20-23sq ft per ton
6X10=15-20sq ft per ton
8X8=20-23sq ft per ton
8X10=15-20sq ft per ton

If you are planning a design project using natural stone, we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for materials.
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